Monday, August 8, 2011

Little Compton R.I.

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Distance 18.3 Miles
Max       25.5 MPH
Ave        11.6 MPH
Time         1:33

Number 1 son was home from Boulder for a couple of days and we decided on a bike ride in Little Compton R.I.  Sakonet Point was our destination which is a 45 minute drive from home.  Main Rd. or Rt77 has moderate traffic and is flat.

I wanted to show everyone an old inn and restaurant that was built in the mid 1800s. While we were checking out the view from the property we noticed a couple on bikes near the lagoon.  I didn't realize there was a road there and we came upon this.

 Where does this road lead?

While we were deciding on which direction to take, another couple obviously riding to or from a beach passed by and we decided to follow.

We felt like explorers discovering a new land.

This was a really nice spot and we decided to ride over the hill to see what was ahead. Cresting the hill made it feel like we had just walked into one of those mirrors where when you walk through your in another dimension or land.  Wifey's comment was,  "we found another gem".  There were lots of people and most came by bike.  It really did seem like a Disney movie set, where everyone was laughing the the kids were all running and squealing when the 6 foot waves came crashing on  them.
Lots of bikes translated to no fat people.   Seriously, only one overweight boy out of a couple of hundred people.  There were also lots of alien accents.   New York and Southern "money" accents

 The homes reinforced my money comment above.

When we road back we looked at the entrance sign and sure enough it said "Private".  However it seems that people on bikes are welcome.