Local Road Rides.

Favorite Local Road Rides

 Fairhaven to Fall River      

-This ride has a little of everything.  The suburbs of Fairhaven, to the city riding of New Bedford.  Fast traffic on Plainville Rd. behind the New Bedford Airport soon turns into the quiet rolling hills of Dartmouth and Hicksville once past Faunce Corner Rd.  The return trip can be cantankerous and you may want to walk your bike for a couple of hundred yards around Copicut Rd.  The rest of the ride in that area, from Blossom Rd  to High Hill is really nice, and different.   As the commercial said.  "Try it, you'll like it".

Fairhaven to the Canal

-This was a 46 mile loop on the back roads from East Fairhaven to the Cape Cod Canal at Buzzards Bay Ma.  The ride is flat and relatively car free.  The exceptions are downtown Wareham and Onset.  Keep your wits about you, use your urban riding skills, and you will be fine.

Fairhaven To Elephant Beach in Westport

-This is a 51.33 mi Bike Ride in Fairhaven, MA. The Bike Ride has a total ascent of 1616.3 ft and has a maximum elevation of 107.12 ft

Fairhaven To Taunton

-I was the ride leader today and decided to take my peeps to Taunton, MA.  It's where I worked for ten years and often commuted the full 32 miles home.   When I multi mode commuted, it was a 30 mile drive to the mall and ten mile ride through the city to the office.

Fall River Bio Reserve

- Brian Pearson and the Fall River Bike Committee hosted this ride around the Bio Reserve, 14,000 acres of protected woodland in Southeastern Massachusetts encompassing Fall River, Westport and Dartmouth, MA.

Island Park to Tiverton and Little Compton R.I. 

-It was day 2 riding with the Newport group.  Seven of us gathered at Island Park in Portsmouth, R.I. so we could begin and end the ride by traversing the new Sakonett River Bridge.  The one with the ten cent toll.

Fairhaven to South Dartmouth-Little River Road

-This is one of my favorites that crossed the New Bedford/Fairhaven bridge into the city and eventually leads to the quiet back roads of South Dartmouth.

Somerset/Dighton/Fall River

-This is another favorite that takes us through Somerset and Dighton before crossing the Dighton/Berkley bridge near Bristol Aggie School.  A couple of miles of nice country riding before having to ride the hills of Fall River.  If you like hills, you will love these last few miles. The hills are not very steep, just a little, but they are long (ish).  When you do this one you will feel you have accomplished something.

Fairhaven to Plymouth

-The evidence was clear. That white circle and arrow painted on the road. The Narragansett Bay Wheelmen had recently arrowed a ride.  A check of their website showed a new route from New Bedford to Plymouth MA.  Four choices, 25, 38, 53 or 81 miles.  The latter being to Plymouth and the choice was tentative but also enticing. Plymouth in the summer can be a great time.

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