Sunday, July 14, 2013

South Dartmouth- Little River

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It didn't feel as hot as the temperature reading.  The mostly cloudy skies kept things bearable for the most part.   The day started with a ride around Fairhaven.  The Buzzards Bay Rowing Club was just finishing their Sunday morning row.

The second part of the ride was over the Fairhaven bridge into the city.  The Whaling City Festival was in full swing and a couple of minutes there, looking around, makes one feel better about himself.

A quiet ride through the bike friendly back roads of South Dartmouth eventually bring the riders to Devol's General Store.  They make sandwiches to order and the size and quality of the meat makes the $5 charge quite a bargain.   Get the sandwich to go and ride the short way to the twin waterfalls, choose a rock to sit and enjoy the food and the view.

After lunch, continue up Rock O Dundee Rd and bear right onto Patomska Rd.   It's a quiet tree lined winding road that cuts through Little river and takes you to the River Road bridge.  Any time in the summer there will be people on the bridge jumping into the fast moving waters that gently deliver the swimmer back to the shoreline. Spend a little time there to cool down and if your adventurous enough, take the plunge.

Continue on River Rd to the end and begin the return trip on Smith Neck.  Colonel Green estate at Round Hill,  Salvadore's Ice Cream and Padanaram Village with it's beautiful harbor may be the highlight of the ride. Cross the Padanaram bridge, endure the short climb to Dartmouth St. and prepare for urban riding back home.   We ride Dartmouth St. to the end where it connects to Allen, ride down Allen to Purchase and ride that north to Union in the heart of downtown New Bedford.  A nice decent to the waterfront leaves easy ride back over the Fairhaven bridge.  From there your on your own to find your best route home.   We ride Washington St. to the end and pick up the bike path behind the Stop and Shop in East Fairhaven for the easy last mile home.

Buzzard's Bay Rowing Club

Crossing the bridge into New Bedford

Lunch at Devol's in South Dartmouth

Twin Falls at Rock O Dundee Rd.

 Long and winding Patomska Rd in South Dartmouth Ma. 

Little River on the left of Patomska Rd.  The diving bridge is visible in the center of the river. Click on the photo to make it big.  

Take the plunge of Little River Bridge. 

Padanaram Bridge

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