Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Morning Ride

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It didn't feel as hot and humid as the weather people had predicted.  Being on the coast certainly helped with the temperature and the humidity just wasn't there.   Although riding does create a bit of a wind chill which also helps cool things down.  The car was left at the shop because almost all of the warning lights were lit. Check engine, ebs, anti skid etc.  A short in the system was the culprit and it was caused by a clogged AC overflow something or other.

Today was one of the standard rides beginning in East Fairhaven continuing into Acushnet and Rochester before looping back through Mattapoisett.   The Rochester Golf course is right around the halfway point of this ride and is a good place to stop for a drink and watch a bit of golf.   The golfers today were certainly not going to make a living at this game.  The ninth hole is a par three where the green is right next to the access road to the parking lot.  There was a foursome on the tee and after hitting from the box, all four walked toward the woods and disappeared.  There were no golf balls on the green, on the fairway or even in the rough which explains the walk into the woods.

When I look back at my life, the amount of time I played golf is #2 on my list of regrets.  But I'm more than making amends with my bicycle riding. 
Rural Rochester, MA

Rochers Golf course 9th hole

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