Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Before I Get Deleted

This blog is based on bike rides with a smattering of other stuff on off riding days. My commute is the same eleven miles every day. At six in the morning, not much is going on that is different from every other day. The birds are at full decible screaming for food and playing around. The only noise on the road is a set of bicycle tires. Riding the same road at five in the evening requires a good bit of concentration and road awareness that does not allow the "smell the roses" type of riding. In short, this entry is just to keep whatever friends I have from deleting me for not posting.

Stay tuned for the Friday ride in Westport Ma. Two of us plan that one for Friday afternoon.

Then the big weekend in NYC for the Five Boroughs Event.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fiasco 5.1.1

Downtown Fairhaven, Ma.

Zack my young neighbor is a bmx rider. He hears about our night and or weekend rides and has been bugging me to set him up on one of my spare bikes and take him on a ride.

Late yesterday afternoon found him at my front door reminding me that I told him we would do a full moon ride. We agreed to do five or six miles to the hurricane barrier and back.

The hurricane barrier protection the New Bedford, Ma. Harbor

On the way home he had a hankerin' to eat shit, (McDonnalds), which I tried to talk him out of, to no avail. That's when another rider called for our location so he could join us. I was ready to head home but decided to tag along for the extended version. We turned it into a 13 mile hammerfest. The town streets and lots of the shopping centers were pretty much deserted which allowed us to cut loose.
Deserted village street

Around 9:30 the clouds moved in and it started getting cold. Poor Zack was begging for mercy so we called it a night with the suggestion that his next birthday or Christmas gift should be a "real bike".

Funny how these things happen. It was a night I really did not feel like riding and it turned into one of the best. Go Figure.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Full Moon Fiasco 5

Pink full moon over Fairhaven Ma.

The fifth riding of the Full Moon Fiasco was done a day early. Saturday night when the moon is completely full, would have been a wash because everyone had something to do. Last night (Friday), was the best chance, and such a beautiful night could not go without riding. The weather cooperated offering a 55 degree, calm clear evening.
Bridge to New Bedford, Ma.

Over the bridge into New Bedford before climbing Union St and a ride by the old homestead on 7th. Once on County St. the hammering began with the mansions as backdrops. The traffic was light, the street was wide and we cut loose.

County St. Homes


Nutty Bar break

Turkey burger on a bagel.

Happy Pink Moon

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Newport R.I. Ride

The prediction was for rain all weekend. Friday afternoon a front moved in and accelerated the speed of the storms moving through. By Saturday evening, all the moisture had passed.

Newport was the chosen ride. Downtown and the famous Thames St. where Ted Turner and all the other America's Cup sailors hung out. A turn onto Beach Road and Fort Adams, the site of the Newport Jazz and folk festivals. Ocean Drive, Bellview Avenue, with it's magnificent mansions and the Tennis Hall of Fame.

On to Memorial Drive which takes us past the beaches and Purgatory Chasm. After a few hours and 35 miles we returned to Gibbs Avenue and the home of the Colonel, an 18th century military man who is said to be still walking the halls.
Newport Cemetary, "The most interesting I have ever seen", said one rider.

Church Steeple at the cemetary

Downtown homes, circa 1800

No one wears helmets in R.I.

Carriage and Servant entrance

Regatta in front of Newport Bridge

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive or Ten Mile Drive is a winding road along the Atlantic Ocean and separates the ocean from the second tier homes. Second that is to the mansions of Bellview Ave. They are on very expensive property and fortunately the city codes set limits. None that any of us would ever worry about. These are millionaire and billionaire limits.

Once on Ocean Drive the wind was really blowing. Perfect for kite flyer's and surf watchers.
Prepping the kite.

Stormy seas on Ocean Drive

Classic VW Bus

The kite flyer

Ocean Drive inlet

The last section was along 2nd and 1st beaches. 2nd beach was loaded with surfers in full dry suits. The water temperature was still in the 40's. First beach was a mess from the winter erosion and impassable in some sections. The ride took us to the old abbey and it's burial grounds which was also the turn around. The eight mile return ride was a head down, high cadence hammer fest that got us back to the colonel's home hungry, tired and sweaty enough to call it a day.

Bellview Ave. summer home.

Purgatory Chasm at 2nd Beach

2nd Beach surfers looking alot like seals.

Graveyard at the Abbey

End of ride at Colonel Gibbs estate.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

AHA Nights

Open Mike at Arpeggio

The second Thursday of every month is AHA night in downtown New Bedford, Ma.


The mayor with his posse.

This month was a kids theme which drove the Mrs and I into Freestone's City Grill for a light dinner. As the night progressed, the kids melted away, the moon and clear sky were bright enough to bring the Scots out.

They came out in not full but partial regalia, and loaded to the kilts with pipes and drums. Some were just loaded.

Warming up

Dancing in the street

Celebrating the night with pipes and drums

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Ride

We left the house at 8AM for a Sunday ride in Myles Standish State Forrest near Plymouth Ma. It was a crisp 40 degrees for most of the morning and we rode around to check out sites for a couple of S24O's (Sub 24 hour overnights), we have planned for this summer. Here are some photos of the days ride.

Old road to Plymouth, Ma.

Cabin nestled in the forrest

Digging out the water bottle

Memories. (Plymouth Ma. Correctional Facility

Checking directions

The state cut backs affected the forest tremendously. The new governor has increased the budget by a few million as a beginning to the restoration of public use facilities. Some of the ponds that have been closed to camping and day beach use are being cleaned up and will be reopened.

Lunch at College Pond

Like planes and ships there are also graveyards for picnic tables. Betcha didn't know that.

We came across a little tyke on his first dirt bike ride with dad. In typical new driver fashion, he got lots of neck exercise with the throttle work. vroom, coast, vroom, coast, vrooom, coast.

Dwarfed by the trees

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Rainy Day in Bean Town

The Mini Cooper was acting up and the cause was very elusive. There was evidence of mice in the engine block but it seemed strange. Everything pointed to the transmission because of the erratic driving at slow speeds.

It is necessary to take a day in Boston when the Mini goes for service. Fortunately this has only been four times, and the cost tallied around $300, since we got the car in March 03.

Pouring rain and crowded MBTA trains put on a little gloom, but over all it was a good day that took us to the Museum of Science.
Boston Duck Tour

Boston Duck Tour returning to base.

"Da Gahhdin" next to the Zakian Bridg

It took almost an hour to get to the museum on the T and that's how long it took to fix "Mini". After getting the call from the dealer, the decision was made to get lunch in the Italian District, (The North End), and do the museum movies next month.

We got pretty wet during the thirty minute walk to "Italy", and spent a little more time window menu shopping before settling on a very traditional Italian Ristorante.

Boston's North End

Old North Church Cemetary

Narrow Streets of Boston's North End

The Old North Church

Cuts and Shaves by Gaetano and Rocco at Barberia Itlaia

Lunch at Pagliuca's

Chicken Carbona


The Mini? Mouse nest in the air filter. Good as new. Check her out