Thursday, April 10, 2008

AHA Nights

Open Mike at Arpeggio

The second Thursday of every month is AHA night in downtown New Bedford, Ma.


The mayor with his posse.

This month was a kids theme which drove the Mrs and I into Freestone's City Grill for a light dinner. As the night progressed, the kids melted away, the moon and clear sky were bright enough to bring the Scots out.

They came out in not full but partial regalia, and loaded to the kilts with pipes and drums. Some were just loaded.

Warming up

Dancing in the street

Celebrating the night with pipes and drums


  1. It looks like fun. The skateboarders have come out around here too, they're flooding the streets and sidewalks. Yesterday's slush storm put them back inside for a few days though.

    I like to see them outside, where they're not driving their parents crazy.

  2. Is AHA night where everyone sings "Take On Me"?

  3. Nice Pictures. Seems New England is finally experiencing a general overall fling with Spring. This past week here in Maine has been beautiful. Almost perfect weather.

    Your picture of the un helmeted motorcyclist is funny. They don't have a helmet law in RI, yet anyone caught in the RI woods during hunting season without 300 square inches of blaze orange on their torso (and this means anyone, even if they are not hunting)can mean a heavy fine.

    Just reinforces my assertion that most laws designed to "protect ourselves from ourselves" are really put into play to make the people writing them feel good.