Friday, April 4, 2008

A Rainy Day in Bean Town

The Mini Cooper was acting up and the cause was very elusive. There was evidence of mice in the engine block but it seemed strange. Everything pointed to the transmission because of the erratic driving at slow speeds.

It is necessary to take a day in Boston when the Mini goes for service. Fortunately this has only been four times, and the cost tallied around $300, since we got the car in March 03.

Pouring rain and crowded MBTA trains put on a little gloom, but over all it was a good day that took us to the Museum of Science.
Boston Duck Tour

Boston Duck Tour returning to base.

"Da Gahhdin" next to the Zakian Bridg

It took almost an hour to get to the museum on the T and that's how long it took to fix "Mini". After getting the call from the dealer, the decision was made to get lunch in the Italian District, (The North End), and do the museum movies next month.

We got pretty wet during the thirty minute walk to "Italy", and spent a little more time window menu shopping before settling on a very traditional Italian Ristorante.

Boston's North End

Old North Church Cemetary

Narrow Streets of Boston's North End

The Old North Church

Cuts and Shaves by Gaetano and Rocco at Barberia Itlaia

Lunch at Pagliuca's

Chicken Carbona


The Mini? Mouse nest in the air filter. Good as new. Check her out


  1. I've only been to Boston once. We stayed at a hotel downtown and walked everywhere we went, no car.

    We saw the old church, the cematary and ate in the Italian area. We had an awful dinner there. Out of all those restaurants, we picked the one run by crazy people who fought with each other and the customers and didn't make very good food. But that was only one meal.

    I really liked Boston and hope to return. We even took a train west to the town where Harris Cyclery is located (Newtonvilleburg or something). Sheldon wasn't in that day, but we met Sonny.

    We did lots of other tourist things like the duck boat rides. Your photos brought it all back clearly.

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