Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter Commute

Early Thursday morning commute pictures.

There is still some ice left over. Enough to have to get off the bike and walk a few yards.

The day is not finished till a short 10 or 15 minute training session is done with our new family member, Lucy Lu.
When we go for our evening walks, Lucy gets to wear one of my bike blinkeys on her collar. Must be quite a sight from a distance.

Monday, January 28, 2008

How do they do that? The Dopler Radar is almost within spitting distance of my office. Across the road is the National Weather service station. The prediction for Sunday (day) was "possible snow showers". I can live with that for a five mile ride. Just before I left the house I checked "weather on the 8's", on the Weather Channel. The phrase, "possible slushy mix" sealed my decision not to ride.

Taunton, Ma. at 7AM on a Sunday morning is very quite. The streets, the temperature and the lack of wind were like Sirenes, calling all bike riders. One could almost envision thier song and beauty calling, "ride your bike today, ride your bike today".

The snow began around 9AM, and by four o'clock quitting time, bike commuting would have been very challenging. It could have been done safely traffic wise , but because part of the route would be riding a bicycle through the Asylum grounds, (in a snowstorm, at dusk), there would have been a good chance of an encounter with the staff.

The drive home was slow, the plows were out in numbers, and the 5'6 guys in their big ole SUV's and pickups, still don't realize that everyone can go fast, but the bigger you are, the more you spin and slide and crash and roll. By evening however, the wind was howling and the snow showers had turned into a whiteout. Even the dogs would not venture off the back porch.

Monday began by shoveling almost a foot of snow out of the driveway and walkway. A foot! Not bad for a prediction of 1-3 inches. I guess they use American Football standards, and multiply everything by 7.

Things are looking good for Tuesdays commute. According to the weather service.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Fiasco Fiasco

The word was out. The Wolf full moon fiasco would leave the rear parking lot of Pub 99 at 8PM. It had rained most of the day but was down to an occasional drizzle by ride time. 8:15 no one had shown. Maybe they were out front. A ride around the perimiter of the pub found no one.

By 8:30 it was obvious that no one was going to show. Again. The long slow ride home, head hanging down, pouted lower lip, seemed colder and wetter that the happier anticipation filled ride to the lot.

Fortunately Avia has a wonderful selection of wines and I happen to have a nice Cabernet in stock. Soon, my sorrows were gone.

TFBC Fairhaven will ride again.

Can a "Bike Club" have only one member?

"remove toung from cheek here".

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

By The Light....... of The Full Wolf Moon

"I have a spoon......"

Used to enjoy Mitch Miller and his dancing red ball. He came to New Bedford, (Ma) a few times to ring in the New Year on the "First Night Celebration". Like his TV show, the thing was so hokey, it was pretty entertaining.

The Full Wolf Moon lit the way for this mornings commute, but things don't look good at all for tonight's Full Moon Fiasco. It doesn't mean we (I) won't be riding. It's simply how far and how long. Tonight however, A midnight rider will transform into the FCB Fairhaven.

Wifey and I took in the late afternoon matinee of "Atonement" on Sunday. I spent the first thirty minutes in and out of sleep. Once everyone was introduced and the foundation was laid for the plot, the movie just got better and better. When the final scene put the whole thing together, Atonement joined the list of my favorite movies. Get through the first thirty minutes and you will be glad you went.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snowy Commute

The scenery was nice. A lot more snow in Taunton than Fairhaven (MA). The roads were fine and there was plenty of daylight. This winter commuting ain't so bad at all.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Forty Five Degrees in January

There was a comment made on tv that if your sick, go for a run. I had been under the weather for a few days and wondered if a bike ride would be a good substitute. An hour of easy riding around the town of Fairhaven, Ma. really helped. I had not been feeling sick, but very lethargic, tired easily, and would go through bouts of coughing that would last for a couple of hours. The ride felt good and most of the symptoms have gone for now. The cold may have run it's course, or the outdoors may have done the trick. Whatever the reason, it feels like it was worth mentioning.

Wifey and I did our customary Saturday night dinner with our friends the Johnsons. The "Roasted Pig". I still don't know how I feel about the name, and originally I figured it may be detrimental. I guess not since the place was packed. We had to go a little early because Jack is a football fan and there was a big game on this evening. The local team, (the Patriots) are in the playoffs and have a good chance of winning the league championship. Good luck to them.

Lots of people were out today taking advantage of temperatures in the 40's.
Lots of activity on the MUP

The ducks were out in force.

A great day for a wedding.

Father and son on the barrier

It seemed like everyone was feeling mellow. The walkers were walking slow, the bicyclist were riding easy, the dog walkers were moping along. It was one of those afternoons when everyone was feelin' alright.

Easy inlining.

Don't we all own one of these sometime in our lives?

Serenity now

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Two and Out

After finally realizing, (it took four years), that I could easily continue commuting by shortening my route, I managed to get two days of commuting before getting sick.

Those two days were pretty good, and actually being sick in January isn't all that bad. It would be better if the weather stayed below 50F, but it hasn't.

The shortened route has the dual benefit of daylight and very little traffic. As the daylight increases, so will the distance. Perhaps. Five miles is not a bad ride at 6:30 in the morning, and the quick return trip allows time to get to the Y for kick boxing classes.

Back to work on Tuesday probably, and that's about the time the temps will be a bit cooler.

This got my attention when I noticed a new building being constructed that looks like of the clone of the one next to it that is for sale.

I struck up a conversation with the manager of the new department that was moved into the building. He came from Providence and was a regular bike commuter. I told him about my "dual mode" commute. (drive/bike). He showed some interest and we may ride together when he gets around to it. He is not union but sometimes we have to make concessions.

There is still room for at least a couple more bikes in the empty section of the warehouse. There is somewhere in the range of eight to nine hundred people in the building and four bike riders. If those who said "I would love to be able to do that" began riding, it would be hard to find a spot.

Personally, I don't know if I want all those people biking. It's kind of nice being the one singing off key and marching to that "other" drummer.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Bike commuters don't usually mind a little bit of adversity. Things like rain, cold, wind, traffic and all those other maladys can be fun when they happen occasionally. None of us want to put ourselves at risk of getting clobbered, but occasionally we do happen into a predicament.

My commute starts and end with a 30 mile drive to the mall, followed by a ten mile bike ride. The bike part can be one of those, "I stand a good chance of getting hit", rides. It's dark during the inward bound ride, and the last part of the homeward part is on very busy road during twilight. With all that in mind, I don't commute from November till sometime in late January early February.

Last night I was walking the dogs and came across a young neighbor. He knows my commuting habit and with the unusually fair weather the next few days asked if I was riding.
"No, not yet" I answered, and went on to explain the hazzards of the road and darkness.

"Why don't you leave a little later and park closer", he asked?
(cricket chirp)

I rode my bike to work today. Five miles.