Saturday, January 12, 2008

Forty Five Degrees in January

There was a comment made on tv that if your sick, go for a run. I had been under the weather for a few days and wondered if a bike ride would be a good substitute. An hour of easy riding around the town of Fairhaven, Ma. really helped. I had not been feeling sick, but very lethargic, tired easily, and would go through bouts of coughing that would last for a couple of hours. The ride felt good and most of the symptoms have gone for now. The cold may have run it's course, or the outdoors may have done the trick. Whatever the reason, it feels like it was worth mentioning.

Wifey and I did our customary Saturday night dinner with our friends the Johnsons. The "Roasted Pig". I still don't know how I feel about the name, and originally I figured it may be detrimental. I guess not since the place was packed. We had to go a little early because Jack is a football fan and there was a big game on this evening. The local team, (the Patriots) are in the playoffs and have a good chance of winning the league championship. Good luck to them.

Lots of people were out today taking advantage of temperatures in the 40's.
Lots of activity on the MUP

The ducks were out in force.

A great day for a wedding.

Father and son on the barrier

It seemed like everyone was feeling mellow. The walkers were walking slow, the bicyclist were riding easy, the dog walkers were moping along. It was one of those afternoons when everyone was feelin' alright.

Easy inlining.

Don't we all own one of these sometime in our lives?

Serenity now


  1. A day to enjoy for what it was. But I never felt right. Guilty pleasure or maybe I just felt I was stealing something I didn't deserve. Wore shorts and a tee all day and no socks.

  2. What a great collection of Pics!

    When I did the 1st 2 rides in my River Series the photo opportunities were part of what made all that leg work worth the effort. ;-D

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