Saturday, June 25, 2011

M.S. and Tractors

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Distance       33 miles
time               2:16
Max speed   32   MPH
Ave speed   13.2 MPH

The weather was just beginning to clear after a few days of off and on rain when the call came to go for a bike. Dave and I decided to do the Wareham loop. We pretty much had the roads to ourselves for the first few miles when we suddenly ran into a tractor parade.  I asked the cop directing traffic if it was the marijuana growers protesting the laws but was told it was the first annual parade for a man who was the tractor fixing guru in town that had recently died.   Everyone agreed that the parade would be shorted if there was a next time because about half of the tractors broke down during the parade.

While waiting for the tractors to cross a small group of bikers passed us by.  We all agreed that today was perfect for riding.  Soon another couple passed, then a few more.  We finally realized that they were all wearing numbers and eventually  found out that we had run into the MS150 annual ride.  That also explained why in a couple of out of the way stops, there were cops stopping traffic to let Dave and I through cross roads and intersections.

At one stop light the cop on the corner held up his hand for a car to stop.  He then pointed at me as I was approaching the intersection behind the car to go on through. The car began to move forward, the cop held up his hand for it to stop, pointed at me still behind the car and gave the "come on" sign.  The car began to move forward again and the cop repeated the whole routine yet again.   It was not unlike an Abbot and Costello skit.   

 I tried to get this shot looking back over my shoulder on a downhill, through a tunnel, on a curve.  I got most of it.

Only a few more miles for these MS150 riders to reach their overnight stop at MA. Maritime Academy. 

Crossing paths with more MS150 riders

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fairhaven's Annual Fathers Day Road Race

 First and second place runners

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The first two runners were a good five minutes in front of the rest of the field.  These guys were impressive and when a friend ran by me I mentioned that he still had a chance.  "The leaders are no more than thirty minutes ahead", I said.

 Last year my neighbor Taylor had a miserable race, finishing back in the top third of the field.  This time he was ready and took 4th place.   The remarkable thing is that he just completed his junior year of high school.

The field was represented, as in all events like this, by runners of all ages, sizes and shapes.


The Sole Sister were well represented by my neighbor Alexa and her friend Haley both of whom are my car washing neighbors.  Two bucks for a pretty darn good car wash. Not a bad summer job for a couple of young entrepreneurs.
Shapes were well represented.  Be sure to click this photo for big.  

What is any event without the cool kids on bikes. 

Here ya go.  Click this one.

On the way back from the race I was riding the MUP and heard a bike approaching fast.  Howyadoin? was muttered as he passed.  He was really pushing, then I could see him start to fade.  My guess is that his chase urged kicked in when he saw me ahead of him and apparently he used everything up to pass.  He seemed to be the typical older "new" rider. Mid 50's, a nice hybrid bike, yet wearing a racing kit and a helmet.

If you think over 40 and spandex is unappealing, try pot bellied and over 50 wearing said spandex, racing along a bike path at 12 MPH.  As the kids say, ewwww!   Anyhow, without changing my speed, I began to gain on him and as we approached an incline on the path he glanced back and saw me only a few dozen yards behind.   I think it may have demoralized him and he did pull up to tighten the strap on his clipless shoe.   "How YOU doin' " I said as I rode past.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Day With The Lovely One

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Distance      33.2 Miles
Saddle time  3:00 hrs
Max speed  23.7 mph
Ave speed  11.0 mph

The Lovely One, AKA wifey, offered to go on a ride with me today. She is not set up for long distance biking and her offer was a pleasant surprise. Our average speed was down a bit, but considering her being on  a hybrid and out of riding fitness, it wasn't that bad.

We chose a relatively flat 32 mile loop to the center of Wareham, MA which is considered by the locals as the gateway to Cape Cod. It's rural riding at it's best offering wide lightly traveled roads through cranberry bogs, small farms and ponds. The turn around spot is Wareham Harbor on Buzzards Bay.

We chose a bike ride over sitting at home watching the Boston Bruins victory parade on TV and I am happy we made the right choice. I also got to buy a favorite lunch, egg salad on white at Cumberland Farms convenience story. yum.
Mary's Pond, Rochester MA.

The Lovely One taking a Luna Bar break.

Esterbrook  Farms.  Rochester MA.

Buzzard's Bay in the background.

Someone ignored the stop sign suggestion

Birthday Party in progress

 There was a left over photo from last weeks trip to Boulder and #1 sons place.   
Good book, nice view, cheap bourbon.  Perfect.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Boulder, Colorado

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The plan was to ride a couple of hours and spend some time at the town pool to cool off. On the way the call of the new bike park was to great to pass up. We did a couple of easy runs before continuing to the pool.

We only got a few miles when that kaboom happened. My rear tire had a blow out that was so severe, it tore the tire apart.  We did the only natural thing, call Ma for a ride and have a couple of beers.

Call Ma.

We walked to an outdoor brewery that was dog friendly and ordered chicken wings and beer

Here comes the beer now
The tire

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado

Today was the grand opening of the Valmont Bike Park in Boulder Colorado.  We borrowed bike to ride to the event with Sue and Keith on a vintage tandem and I was handed an American Flyer that looked like Pee Wee Herman's bike that had been left out in the weather since the movie was filmed.  A squeaky rust bucket is the only way to describe it.  Also a left my camera at home and was forced to use my cell phone for photos.

Waiting in line for the jumps slalom

Double slaloms, obstacle courses, single track and cross track racing circuits and more.

Keith and ma on a vintage Schwinn tandem.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Great Divide in Colorado

Riding over the Great Divide in Colorado National Park

Still over 10 feet of snow

German motorcycle touring riders

The glaciers did a nice job forming this.  Yes?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Soccer with A Crazy Guy On a Bike.

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 Distance       41.95 miles
 Pedal time     3:09
Ave speed   13.2 MPH
Max speed  41.3 MPH

 Received an e-mail from a touring biker via the warm showers web site.  We also had tickets to the US/Spain match in Foxboro Ma.  To make this all work out, I drove a few miles to pick up Matt, pack his stuff in the car and get him back to my house pronto. This was our first meeting by the way.  Once at the house we gave Matt 15 minutes to shower and change so we could get to the game before the traffic got too heavy.  In the mean time we were making calls to our friends, The American Outlaws to get him a ticket to this nearly sold out match.  We did get him one in the sections with the flags above.  Just click the picture once for big and if you want click it again for bigger.   Matt is the guy in the red shirt.

Nothing further will be said about the match, and if your a fan, you know why.

 A smallish group of the Outlaws marching and singing their way to the stadium

It's a long trek to the upper level

Our guest began his bike ride in Atlanta on April 18th riding up the Atlantic coast to Boston.  After a short hiatus he will continue from Boston and ride due west in Canada.  Possibly back to his home in So. California. What a nice way to spend the summer.  I rode with him as far as the Cape Cod Canal which is around 20 miles (as the wheels roll on the back roads).

 The start of the day's ride. River Rd. in Mattapoisett, MA.

In front of the decommissioned light ship Nantucket in Wareham Ma.

Coffee and scones in Onset Village, Ma.

Crossing the Bourne Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal

I have done this before

Warm Showers is a nice way for people to host touring cyclists.  They provide feedback from previous hosts and first contact is by cell phone.  In short, anyone considering hosting or staying with a host has the ability to make an educated judgment on weather or not the two of you want to get together.  Matt was a good guest by the way.  He is also posting his ride on Crazy guy on a bike .