Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opening Day

The dreaded Huston Dynamo are comming to town on Saturday for Opening Day.

The Midnight Riders will be out in force to cheer on the boys in blue.

The days of tailgates and good football have returned to Gillette.

Go you Revs.

Here't to you Huston

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter East Bay Bike Path Ride

The East Bay Bike Path (EBBP) is 13.5 miles end to end with a few offshoots. In order to be able to have breakfast and still be finished the ride before noon, we would have to cut it short.

Wind damage

Human Damage

A leisurely pace got us to "The Restaurant" at 10:15. A thirty minute breakfast left no choice but to ride back to the car at a good clip. Naturally the wind picked up and was in our face for the return leg.

Providence R.I. skyline

Brandon, only two weeks into riding, left us in his wake. Being 20 something, 140 lbs and riding a bike build for speed gave him quite and advantage. The next step is to get him to give up the butts.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Worm and FBC Fairhaven

The fourth full moon fiasco (worm moon) was a success. The numbers are building as the weather improves. With the fair weather approaching, the riders of the same vein will take to the roads.

Last nights wind sustained 40MPH, and we got knocked around a couple of times with the 60mph gusts.

It's a mural

Brandon used to deep see scallop and we came across his boat. He began to explain every piece of equipment, rope, engine, blocks and tackles. We rode away in the middle of his schpeel.

At Antonio's before the Vodka.

The night ended at Antonio's and coincidently it was a promotion night for Absolute Vodka. ****We had to load our bikes into the back of a pickup truck to get home.*****

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring.

8:30 PM was a good enough time to begin the Vernal Equinox celebration. The wind was fierce at times with gusts well into the 40MPH range. When one hit us it cause of chorus of "whoa's" and "hold on's". The late start was because of Thursday night kick boxing class. Mary Beth, our instructor hammered us with leg work tonight. Biking with toasted legs in gale forced winds was well, different.

Bundle up

A short few minutes into the night ride we had to pull over and don our facemasks and gloves. We decided to do a loop down by the beaches before stopping at one of the local establishments.

We capped the night with pizza and refreshments at Uno and were home by 11:15.

Tonight is Full Moon Fiasco #4. Four riders are definitely committed and five others are sorta maybe(s). 6:20 at Pub 99.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Full Moon Fiasco #4

Friday night. The Worm full moon.

Ride leaves East Fairhaven at 6PM with a stop at Pub99 for a 6:20 start for the 4th FCB Fairhaven full moon bike ride.

We will ride to New Bedford"s south end along the penninsula, into Fort Rodman and return to ride the historic district. A stop at Freestones City Grill or, if that is too crowded, Elizabeths in Fairhaven.

Bring your lights, we'll be out late.

*****Addendum***** Thursday is the spring equinox, the indrocuction of the Easter season. (Easter being the first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal eqinox). New and abundant life. (New=lilly. Abundant=rabit) Now you know.

The weather should clear and we will do a ride around Fairhaven leaving the East Side at 8PM. A ninety minute spin around the lighted streets of the village and out to the harbor on the barrier.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The New Bike

The "kid" got himself a new (used) bike on Friday. Naturally he was itching to go riding. The weather prevented that both Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday's forecast was chancy. It was also the day of the New Bedford Half Marathon. That race is used as a tune up by many world class runners, for the Boston Marathon. Because of the event, the impending nasty weather was dominating the local news.

We figured we had till noontime to get in a ride before the gale forced winds, rain and snow that was predicted hit the area. We put a set of egg beater pedals on the "Felt" and the kid was about to get his first lesson using clipless pedals. "I can't clip in" he said. That was odd because most new riders clip in ok but cannont clip out. It soon dawned on us the he had "SPD" cleats that would never work. He ended up riding on flats till he gets the proper set of clips.

We set out to ride the 20 something mile country route. Nice and flat at the outset that soon turned into moderate long climbs. We found a pretty nice spot to stop for lunch before riding "Lance's hill". That is a steep 1/2 mile long climb that makes lots of novice riders dismount and walk. I suggested a slow climb and before I finished the sentance he was off. Up and over with no problem.

Lunch at the estuary

Ole Blue and Ole Yeller resting

Water and smoke break

Mount up.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The commute is five miles. The route is the same till there is more morning daylight, and I am able to get out of bed at 5AM. It's 20-25 minutes each way on low traffic roads. In short, the bike ride is boring, just as the ride in the car would be.

The weekend is approaching and I am not on the work schedule. There are a couple of ride possibilities if the weather cooperates. That will go a long way in helping to break the daily bike routine.

Ho hum

The Mayflower left town today. Back to Plymouth and the tourists. We visit Plymouth occasionally and usually do a drive through of the tourist area. It's ok but very old hat.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Bar TV Sans Sports

On the way home last night, I stopped at the local Italian joint for a take home pizza. The fifteen minute wait allowed me to go over to the bar for a glass of red. Interestingly enough, no sports, they were watching Jeopardy. Having just left the YMCA where all the TVs were tuned to the UConn, PC (Conneticut v. Providence)game, and now seeing all these construction type workers playing along with the show gave me a little more respect for people. I mentioned to the barkeep how unusual this was and the reaction was, "this is MY bar". Lovely, (and she was too). I will definitely put this place on the list of quick stops.

Still working on the fit of the new bike. "Randy Ranondee" is the name for now. Ironically, just when there is enough daylight to resume the full ten mile commute, it's time to adjust to "Standard Time". Go figure.

Wifey is taking me to a comedy show tonight. I have never heard of any of theses guys.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Walking the Dogs

The young neighbor called with an invite to walk the pups last night. When he came over I was working on the road bike.
"Makes me want to go for a ride" he said.
"Yea, so lets do it".
We shortened the dog walk and left the house at 8:45PM for a quick jaunt.

I suggested we ride through the center of town, he misunderstood and thought I was talking about New Bedford.

"Why the heck not".

We kicked it up a notch and rode over the bridge into "the city". While there I gave him a shortened tour of the Quaker and Underground Rail Road sites. One of the tour stops was the Library that conincidentally is located across the street from the new police station. While giving my schpeel, at least a dozen cops exited for the shift change. Here we were, two guys on bikes in full commando gear including face masks. "Hello officers", seemed like the polite thing to say, but my riding partner seemed very tense. (He did time in the county jail last summer, so I can understand his anxiety).

Around eleven it was beginning to get pretty cold. We agreed to stop in Freestones Grill for a tapas and something to warm up the blood. As we entered, every head at the bar turned, the conversation stopped, and I swear the volumn on the tv went mute. We both noticed the darkened kitchen, turned and left.
***Note*** Not that many years ago, Freestones had "boys night" if you know what I mean. It used to be Thursday, but I could have changed. Actually I'm guessing it's Sundays now.