Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Worm and FBC Fairhaven

The fourth full moon fiasco (worm moon) was a success. The numbers are building as the weather improves. With the fair weather approaching, the riders of the same vein will take to the roads.

Last nights wind sustained 40MPH, and we got knocked around a couple of times with the 60mph gusts.

It's a mural

Brandon used to deep see scallop and we came across his boat. He began to explain every piece of equipment, rope, engine, blocks and tackles. We rode away in the middle of his schpeel.

At Antonio's before the Vodka.

The night ended at Antonio's and coincidently it was a promotion night for Absolute Vodka. ****We had to load our bikes into the back of a pickup truck to get home.*****


  1. Those promotional nights will get you every time. We had good numbers this time and they will only improve with the weather. Most of us stayed until closing because we weren't worried about the impending doom of more snowfall.

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