Friday, March 7, 2008

A Bar TV Sans Sports

On the way home last night, I stopped at the local Italian joint for a take home pizza. The fifteen minute wait allowed me to go over to the bar for a glass of red. Interestingly enough, no sports, they were watching Jeopardy. Having just left the YMCA where all the TVs were tuned to the UConn, PC (Conneticut v. Providence)game, and now seeing all these construction type workers playing along with the show gave me a little more respect for people. I mentioned to the barkeep how unusual this was and the reaction was, "this is MY bar". Lovely, (and she was too). I will definitely put this place on the list of quick stops.

Still working on the fit of the new bike. "Randy Ranondee" is the name for now. Ironically, just when there is enough daylight to resume the full ten mile commute, it's time to adjust to "Standard Time". Go figure.

Wifey is taking me to a comedy show tonight. I have never heard of any of theses guys.

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  1. I'd go to a bar like that. The amount of TVs in public places has gotten out of control. It, like smoking, has kept me from going to some places. Although, smoking is banned here now, thank goodness. Maybe we can ban TV also.