Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's That Time Again.

Road construction is not good for bike tires. 

High School soccer is done for the year and now it's back to bike commuting.  This is the time of year that I volunteer to drive the Salvation Army bell ringers to their posts.   It gives me a reason to bike commute again, and a reason to update this blog.   There were a couple of commutes before the holiday but yesterday actually began the regular driving duties.   It was also my first flat in years.  Without losing a beat, that tire was back in service lickity split.  But,  but,  the nut that holds the skewer on the wheel fell off.  For the life of me I couldn't find it and consequently couldn't put the rear wheel back on.   Call the wife, get a ride to work.

I did manage to find the part when I returned after working and everything worked out.   I did get to ride again today.

 Part of the scallop and fishing fleet is in  port.

 Portuguese Whale Boats

Freighter off loading in the Port of New Bedford.