Saturday, September 24, 2011

Woony River 2011

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We chose the 25 mile over the 50 mile this year because of the threat of rain.  Sleeping in an extra hour seemed like the thing to do on this day.  Dave and I arrived at the designated parking lot in Providence and the first thing we noticed was how many cars in the lot had multiple flats.  We were told there was a vandalism spree the night before and that it was the first time that has happened in this area.    Those Brown University kids.  Sheesh.

 Preparing for Waterfire

We're off

Your going to be famous

Riding the west side of Providence


The WBRU peeps

Low bridge, everybody down

The temperature settled in at around 80F but the humidity was wicked, 95%.  The hills seemed much steeper and longer because the humidity sapped everyone's energy.  Fortuitously, there were only a couple of minor rollers after the halfway point and the return trip was a can of corn.

The humidity got to a few people on the hills

Halfway point

Capital Building in Providence, R.I.

Another sponsor, REI

Everyone was treated to a pretty nice spread at the end of the ride.  Pulled pork, veggie burgers, beans, slaw, and yellow jackets were served.  A nice bag of "swag" was given to each rider and radio station WBRU had a spin to win game, giving away hats, Frisbees and other stuff.

This is a well organized ride on a moderately challenging route.  Put it on your calender for next year or better still book mark This link and sign up for their e-mails.  There is much more to offer in addition to this ride.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Wifey and I decided on a spur of the moment weekend in New York City.   It's a four hour bus ride from home and we had enough points to get a free hotel in Times Square.   It's another perk of New England life where there is nothing we can't do within a few hours of home.  Big city, ocean, mountains, wilderness you name it, we can get there.

Today we took the Hop On, Hop Off bus.  Our first stop was Ground Zero and I have to say that I was very encouraged at the union presence. It's patriotism at it's best, where we are not only standing up to terrorist but more importantly war on the working class.

We did return to the Lower East Side that has become our favorite part of the city.  I really get annoyed when I'm in Times Square because it's just too crazy.

Times Square is nuts. 

Orchard St. on the Lower East Side is more my cup of tea.

Click this for big and notice how the building look wrinkled in the middle. 

The United Nations will be in session this week and the place was full of security and film crews. 

United Nations Building. 

Flat Iron Building

So Ho building made of iron and painted to look like stone. 

Angry looking owls

New York never gets dull.  Lately I have been going two or three times a year. May is the Five Boroughs Bike Ride where 32,000 of of gather to take over the city for a few hours.  If you like to eat, the variety and quality of food alone will have you testifying about the city to anyone who will listen.  If your in the Bowery around Delancy Street, try this place. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Trade Off. Biking for Football

Biking has been at a premium because of my new position as a high school soccer coach.  Naturally there is a blog for that and it's HERE.

Sue and I are taking advantage of a free trip to NYC this weekend.  We earned hotel points through our credit card and we also got a free round trip bus ticket each when the bus rolled through the depot last year without stopping.  The GPS confirmed our complaint and that got us the freebee.

My plan is to take her to Lower Manhattan and walk over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn to spend a good part of the day.  Evenings in Manhattan naturally.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hurricane Irene

The SouthCoast of Massachusetts lucked out yet again as Hurricane Irene passed inland.  Maximum gusts of 72 MPH with very little rain relegated Irene to Tropical Storm status.  She did clear most of the weak limbs from the trees and took down some lines, but all in all, everything is OK.

In other news.  Road bike riding came to a complete halt in June.  Lots of miles on the commuter bike while the Felt carbon fiber sits lonely in the garage.   A few hours of each day are now devoted to planning and exercising high school soccer practice.  We have a team Facebook page HERE .

More hurricane photos
Cooking soup on the bike touring stove

MUP Damage

Playing in the ocean during a hurricane

I missed the initial shot of these two  12 year olds.  Their father told them to 
go back in the water so I could take their photo.  Dad said the kids were not too
bright.  These two apples didn't fall far from the tree.

These neighbors took an after dinner hurricane walk. Each one of them lit a cigarette by the 
time they walked down the driveway.
The family who smoke together.......