Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hurricane Irene

The SouthCoast of Massachusetts lucked out yet again as Hurricane Irene passed inland.  Maximum gusts of 72 MPH with very little rain relegated Irene to Tropical Storm status.  She did clear most of the weak limbs from the trees and took down some lines, but all in all, everything is OK.

In other news.  Road bike riding came to a complete halt in June.  Lots of miles on the commuter bike while the Felt carbon fiber sits lonely in the garage.   A few hours of each day are now devoted to planning and exercising high school soccer practice.  We have a team Facebook page HERE .

More hurricane photos
Cooking soup on the bike touring stove

MUP Damage

Playing in the ocean during a hurricane

I missed the initial shot of these two  12 year olds.  Their father told them to 
go back in the water so I could take their photo.  Dad said the kids were not too
bright.  These two apples didn't fall far from the tree.

These neighbors took an after dinner hurricane walk. Each one of them lit a cigarette by the 
time they walked down the driveway.
The family who smoke together.......

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  1. I am laughing so much at the kid swimming in the ocean AND his father telling him to go back so you can take a picture!!!! Sometimes you have to wonder about people...
    Anyway, we didn't have lots of damage here neither. I did bike around and saw about 5 trees down... the Charles River was about a foot higher than usual.