Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rollin and Tumblin on the Cape Cod Canal

What to do? Go to work or take a bike ride? "Oh the humanity"

"I roll and I tumble cried the whole night long. Woke up this morning and must have bet my money wrong." Dylan

The full screen slide show without music is HERE
(or you could listen to the music on youtube while watching the full screen slideshow)

The Cape Cod canal is a 7 mile flat run from Mass Maritime Academy in Bourne to Scussett beach in Sagamore. There are plenty of neighborhood access point if a biker wants to get off the canal and do some road riding. There are 20-30 mile rides that begin and end on the canal but travel through the towns of Bourne, Wareham, Plymouth and Middleboro, Ma.

The canal has lots of overlooks, picnic areas and such, that make a great place to leave a traveler.

With an hour to kill before visiting a friend in Middleboro, Ma., the suggestion was made to check out the Herring Run.

Good choice.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Working Waterfront

One of the first things is to get in the habit of reading the whole flier when you decide to join a bike ride.

The streets were quiet but the parks were busy on this early Sunday morning b-i-c-y-c-l-e ride through New Bedford, Ma. Pickup softball, tennis, walkers, runners, dogs, pee wee football and crypts. The morning was calm, cool and sunny. Jackets that were the dress code of the day were gradually being shed, the long sleeves began to be rolled up, and the cold drinks were being ordered.

At Brooklawn Park, the softball and tennis matches where in full competitive force. Lots of discussions of tagging home first and the ball hitting the line, or not. A shortcut through a local cemetery made short work of the ride to the pee wee football game. Camera in hand, waiting to catch an action shot......time out. Waiting....., Time in.....waiting........The cadence, hut 1, hut 2....waiting..... A whistle blows, yellow hanker chiefs fly. Men in stripped shirts run at the kids yelling "too much time, pick up the ball and move it a few yards backward"...waiting. Finally after six minutes of camera in hand, a play unfolds. It lasts all of four seconds. This is going to be a long day for those parents.

Working Waterfront of New Bedford, Ma.

The Working Waterfront Festival is a celebration of commercial fishing, Americas oldest industry, at the #1 port in the United States. Click Here for a couple of sample clips of the festival.

A station was set up where locals could record their knowledge of the fishing industry. Karen and Jen's family have been a part of the waterfront for generations, and the two of them gladly participated in the historical recording.

Author Diane Wilson was one of the highlights. She took on the chemical companies in Texas's Gulf coast, that were destroying the local shrimp population. She fought for and won the fight to get these corporations to abide by the federal pollution laws.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Copicut Bioreserve

Copicut hike slideshow

The The Trustees of Reservations sponsor a variety of educational tours as well as maintain the bioreserves through out the state of Massachusetts. Sue and I stumbled upon an article that mentioned todays guided tour titled "Edible Plants". The walk began slow and the and never really got my interest. Sue was loving it but even she got bored.

We were both pleasantly surprised at how many of the plants we have lived among for years but never even gave their eating possibilities any consideration. Basically the fall is "nutty" edible things, (berries, pine cones, red maple etc), where the spring is more leafy stuff.

After thirty or forty minutes of listening to plant descriptions we had had enough, and set out on our own to hike the reserve.

A stone wall says that this was once farmland.

The remnants of a barn foundation. Circa 1850

Copicut hike slideshow

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Dog Whisperer

Every night, Sue and I, or sometimes just Sue, go to the pound to serve supper to the dogs, let them out for a short run and clean any mess. This evening Brandon joined us just to get acquainted with some of the pups.

Brandon and I took a very sweet German Shepard, Sadie, for a pretty good walk through the former landfill. There is a very tall mound we call Mt. Fairhaven. I don't know the height but it is the highest point in town. Probably around 70 feet above sea level. (It's up there). On a clear day New Bedford, which sits across the harbor is visible, as well as Buzzards Bay. This was not a clear day, so just take my word for the visibility.

Cricket hunting, closely watched by Sadie

Brandon showing off his catch just before the cricket bit him. The little guy was viscious

The first dog Brandon met got a little nervous, growled and snapped at him from behind the cage. Justice is a very nice Sharpei that has a multitude of medical issues. After ten days we will get him to the vet and see what can be done. Once they met face to face though, they were best friends.

One of the favorites at the pound is Brewski. He has been around for months. Has been adopted twice and returned. Brewski is a very nice dog but not social. He loves to run and play, but no one can get near him to touch. Brandon approached his kennel said a few things and Brewski walked over, lay down and let himself get pet.

We are thinking of giving Brandon a tag.

"The Dog Whisperer"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Two in...Two out

That's the breathing technique on the training and fitness rides. Everyday at lunch it's a 10 mile spin around the industrial park complex. The tour is in less than three weeks and I also want to lose 30 lbs by Friday.

These are "head down, hammer into the wind" rides and I try to keep the spining high. Tomorrow may see a slower pace on the road to Wheaton again, and maybe some photos.

The evening walks have been long but slow. My dog walking partner is still recovering from a collapsed lung. I find myself walking at half pace and he next thing I hear, "can we slow down please".

Tonight we'll be looking at an almost 1/2 moon with Jupiter as bright as ever. Last night things were so clear and bright, I was knocking on neighbors doors to come out and take a look.

Before the star gazing dog walk, we will be hosting a send of dinner for #2 brother. Richard and Rochelle will continue thier east coast holiday with a visit to Maine before driving home to Florida.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Myles Standish State Forrest

We had intended to ride the Cape Cod Canal, but the wind, from the Nor'west, was really whipping. It would have been difficult to remain upright when the gusts exceeded 30 mph. Sue came up with the idea of riding in Myles Standish State Reserve. It's a place we both went camping as kids, and also took our young uns' way back when.

Ferring, Barretts 1, Charge, Curlew, are a few of the ponds that draw campers and day trippers in the summer.

Our first stop was Ferring Pond. We camped here a couple of times back in the 80's with the kids. It was a very popular day trip destination but has been closed to the public for years. (Because of cuts in the Forrest department staff). We met a couple who ride the Reservation two or three times a week.

After dipping my heals, capesue and capejohn set out for our adventure ride through the forrest. Most of the secondary roads were closed now that the season is over, and some have been closed and abandoned for years. The difference between the two is not that obvious, except for the weeds in the middle.

There are cabins on the reservation that are leased out. In some cases the outhouses are maintained better than the cabins.

I did come across a potential camping spot for an overnight ride. No need for a tent here. Just like Team Nothern Tier would do it.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Coeds Again.

Things didn't work out with the coeds post last week. The camera settings were wrong, and very few of the photos came out. Consider this the make up.

Noontime rides are becoming common, besides being a lot more cardio, being something different adds a bit of flare to the rides. The destination was Wheaton College specifically to get some replacement photos for those that didn't work out last week, and I wasn't the only one on lunch break.

There are some very interesting features about the campus that makes for a very nice relaxing atmosphere.

The original college building. Circa 1780

Quiet, serene walk to class

The ride to and from the college to the office is around a 10 mile loop. (including the reconnaissance riding with camera). Country roads pretty much only used by runners and bikers while the residents are at work.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Flattest Century In The East

Sponsored by the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen. A R.I./Ma bike club. Ninteen hundred riders began arriving at 5:30 AM.

An army of parking lot attendants managed to keep a semblance of order.

The club members turned out in force to make the event a premier bike ride that drew raves and praise from the riders.

East Providence Bike provided bike maintenance at the start and four rest areas.