Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mattapoisett Rail Trail

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The Phoenix MUP extension into Mattapoisett, Ma. is expected to begin very shortly. All the NMBY's have been coddled, the money has been procured and the contract awarded. Phase 1 extends from the Fairhaven town line to the YMCA's Camp Massasoit in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. It's not far from Ansinpi Rd. that is part of the Antasawamock neighborhood. Many of the names of rivers, towns and areas were named by, for, or about the local Native American culture, that originally settled the area.

The former New Bedford to Onset RR was a thriving tourist venture carrying thousands of passengers weekly. The right of way has never been developed and has been used by local kids as shorcuts between towns and neighborhoods.

A relatively wide area that buffers the homes from the right of way, was not enough for a couple of "not in my back yard" folks. There is always a small, very vocal group in opposition to any changes that occur near them, and this small town is not without it's MUP opponents. They have been appeased however, and the construction is moving forward.

After a couple of miles, the extension break out of the canopy of trees into the wide open harbor of Mattapoisett, Ma. The YMCA's Camp Massasoit, is the end boundary of the phase 1. Beautiful vistas, quiet secluded sections of the bay, teeming with water fowl greet anyone who travels this section of the MUP.

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  1. Awesome! We have a rail-trail here, and development of more old tracks into rail-trail sections has been planned for years, but I haven't seen any movement on it recently. The new section would be particularly useful, going from the south side to downtown, whereas the existing section isn't terribly useful for transportation.

  2. I spotted you on the fucking bike club blog spot and stopped by to view your pictures. A long time member of the FBC in St. Louis, I have now moved to WA and started a new one out here. Keep an eye on us. We are tiny, but we had to start somewhere. Thanks for the pictures, they are good.

  3. Glad to see. Actually, it was the Fairhaven Branch of the Old Colony and then the New Haven railroads. Branched off at Tremont just north of Middleboro, went thru Marion and Mattapoisett to the ferry landing in Fairhaven. The Onset trolley line roughly followed Route 6 and went down Church St in Mattapoisett. Colin Harding, Fairfax Station, VA

  4. The Norwood Bike Club,, plans to ride the Phoenix and Mattapoisett trail 10 a.m. Sunday, July 31st. I'd very much appreciate any updated scouting reports about the state of the trail (IS the spur to the YMCA camp completed? Google Maps shows it in satellite view with the name "Arsene St" but I'm not sure I actually see pavement. Some of our riders like longer rides and I'd especially like suggestions on how they could extend the ride afterwards. My email address is