Monday, September 10, 2007

The Coeds Again.

Things didn't work out with the coeds post last week. The camera settings were wrong, and very few of the photos came out. Consider this the make up.

Noontime rides are becoming common, besides being a lot more cardio, being something different adds a bit of flare to the rides. The destination was Wheaton College specifically to get some replacement photos for those that didn't work out last week, and I wasn't the only one on lunch break.

There are some very interesting features about the campus that makes for a very nice relaxing atmosphere.

The original college building. Circa 1780

Quiet, serene walk to class

The ride to and from the college to the office is around a 10 mile loop. (including the reconnaissance riding with camera). Country roads pretty much only used by runners and bikers while the residents are at work.

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  1. I like the idea of a lunchtime ride, but I try to take as short a lunch as possible so I can leave work. That looks like a lovely route, though, and it looks like a pretty quite campus from your photos. IU's campus here can be a little hectic, although I'm sure there are parts that are less busy that I haven't gone through.