Friday, September 7, 2007

The Coeds Are Coming, The Coeds Are Coming!

I have been taking lunchtime rides around work. Yesterday, I went up to Wheaton College in the town of Easton Ma. I had planned to ride the perimiter of the property and maintaing a decent training ride pace. The scenery however got me thinking, "whats the hurry?" Why not slow down and smell the roses. Or take candid, undercover photos of the buildings. Unfortunately coeds, walking around the campus, kept getting in the way.

Not being satisfied enough with the results to post any of them, the intention was to return this lunchtime and try again. Unfortunately a schedule shift squashes the plan. Next week though....

The ride surrounding the college is on typical New England traffic free roads. It's another one of those times where, if the road was removed, almost no one would notice. (except the bikers and runners).

Quiet Norton Ma. road

Country challett, Norton Ma.

Wheaton College Green

Wheaton College co-eds.

After work, I hopped on the bike to tool around town. My intention was to ride to the beach and indulge in an order of fried clam cakes. On the way I ran into Jim Carr, who is the surgeon that performed triple bypass surgery on me a few years ago. He was good company but because I was with him, I decided to forgo the fried foods. Since he does no riding in this area, I gave him a bike tour of the waterfront.

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  1. Ah, your surgeon might like to see you eating fried foods. Job security for him! :)