Saturday, September 22, 2007

Copicut Bioreserve

Copicut hike slideshow

The The Trustees of Reservations sponsor a variety of educational tours as well as maintain the bioreserves through out the state of Massachusetts. Sue and I stumbled upon an article that mentioned todays guided tour titled "Edible Plants". The walk began slow and the and never really got my interest. Sue was loving it but even she got bored.

We were both pleasantly surprised at how many of the plants we have lived among for years but never even gave their eating possibilities any consideration. Basically the fall is "nutty" edible things, (berries, pine cones, red maple etc), where the spring is more leafy stuff.

After thirty or forty minutes of listening to plant descriptions we had had enough, and set out on our own to hike the reserve.

A stone wall says that this was once farmland.

The remnants of a barn foundation. Circa 1850

Copicut hike slideshow


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