Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just moping around.

Things hve been quiet. The bike now has a place in my car so it can always be available. Some keep golf clubs, or something they enjoy, handy for the unplanned adventure or activity, some keep bikes.

Yesterday I got to work early and did a 10 mile loop around Taunton Ma. At noontime, I googled a route around the office. It was a planned six mile ride but I managed to stretch it to nine by missing the first turn. Still had just enough time for a shower and quick lunch. There are a few photos on the camera that need to be uploaded.

The Narragansett Bay Wheelmen's, "Flattest Century in the East" is Sunday. I offered to help run the event but have still not heard anything. Start time for the volunteers is 0530.

The summer's virtual ride is winding down. I have been following three twenty someting bikers on their ride from Maine to Oregon. They have just arrived in Washington State but while in Idaho they had a great time at the expense of Senator I'm a homosexual in denial, Craig. Bummer. Must be tough for him to get back into men's clothing every Monday. He'll be finding Jesus within a week and claim forgiveness from his family and gods. Don't they all. I could never belong to that party. It's much too dysfunctional. Besides, being straight, I probably wouldn't be welcome.

Bike is here today for a "noon'r". Ten miles should do the trick. Arrrrk. I can't stop myself.

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