Sunday, October 28, 2012

Before The Storm

 One last chore before the storm.  Clean the guddah.

Tropical Storm Sandy is bearing down in the Northeast and the calm before the storm as always is a nice time for a bike ride.  Both Brandon and I hadn't ridden our road bikes in a few weeks and both of us struggled at first.   Once we accepted we would not be able to hammer, we settled in for a easy 30 mile spin along one of our usual routed. 

Here are some of the sights of Mattapoisett and Rochester, MA.

Rt. 6 Mattapoisett

Riding past Mattapoisett Harbor

One of the two Inns on Main St. 

 A perfect sized home for two people

While everyone was shopping for milk, bread and beer we had the roads to ourselves. 

Not much longer for this world without some maintenance. 

This is the place wife and I stumbled upon last week.  A perfect spot for star gazing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday Night Ride

We left my house around 5:45 PM and it was already getting dark.   We had to turn our lights on 20 minutes into the ride on this cloudy evening.   Three of us rode a 25 mile loop covering four towns.  Fairhaven,  Acushnet,  Rochester and Mattapoisett.  It's one of the standard weekday night rides but not usually done in the dark.  For me, riding at night is very cool.

For obvious reasons there are not photos. CLICK HERE for the route.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Morning Ride

Sue and I decided to explore some areas close to the house and accessible from the Phoenix Bike Trail in Fairhaven and Mattapoisett,  MA.   We found a couple of gems.

The first is Shaws Cove in Fairhaven.  Houses are built in the hurricane corridor and must be on stilts above the highest recorded tidal surge.  That's pretty high up.

Click any photo for big.  Click again for bigger.

The next area was the Department of Conservation and Recreation area in Mattapoisett.  We had a few choices of trails and decided on the Saltmarsh trail.  It was a good choice and this is the ideal spot for swimming and at night, star gazing or meteor watching.