Friday, September 21, 2007

The Dog Whisperer

Every night, Sue and I, or sometimes just Sue, go to the pound to serve supper to the dogs, let them out for a short run and clean any mess. This evening Brandon joined us just to get acquainted with some of the pups.

Brandon and I took a very sweet German Shepard, Sadie, for a pretty good walk through the former landfill. There is a very tall mound we call Mt. Fairhaven. I don't know the height but it is the highest point in town. Probably around 70 feet above sea level. (It's up there). On a clear day New Bedford, which sits across the harbor is visible, as well as Buzzards Bay. This was not a clear day, so just take my word for the visibility.

Cricket hunting, closely watched by Sadie

Brandon showing off his catch just before the cricket bit him. The little guy was viscious

The first dog Brandon met got a little nervous, growled and snapped at him from behind the cage. Justice is a very nice Sharpei that has a multitude of medical issues. After ten days we will get him to the vet and see what can be done. Once they met face to face though, they were best friends.

One of the favorites at the pound is Brewski. He has been around for months. Has been adopted twice and returned. Brewski is a very nice dog but not social. He loves to run and play, but no one can get near him to touch. Brandon approached his kennel said a few things and Brewski walked over, lay down and let himself get pet.

We are thinking of giving Brandon a tag.

"The Dog Whisperer"

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