Monday, March 3, 2008

Walking the Dogs

The young neighbor called with an invite to walk the pups last night. When he came over I was working on the road bike.
"Makes me want to go for a ride" he said.
"Yea, so lets do it".
We shortened the dog walk and left the house at 8:45PM for a quick jaunt.

I suggested we ride through the center of town, he misunderstood and thought I was talking about New Bedford.

"Why the heck not".

We kicked it up a notch and rode over the bridge into "the city". While there I gave him a shortened tour of the Quaker and Underground Rail Road sites. One of the tour stops was the Library that conincidentally is located across the street from the new police station. While giving my schpeel, at least a dozen cops exited for the shift change. Here we were, two guys on bikes in full commando gear including face masks. "Hello officers", seemed like the polite thing to say, but my riding partner seemed very tense. (He did time in the county jail last summer, so I can understand his anxiety).

Around eleven it was beginning to get pretty cold. We agreed to stop in Freestones Grill for a tapas and something to warm up the blood. As we entered, every head at the bar turned, the conversation stopped, and I swear the volumn on the tv went mute. We both noticed the darkened kitchen, turned and left.
***Note*** Not that many years ago, Freestones had "boys night" if you know what I mean. It used to be Thursday, but I could have changed. Actually I'm guessing it's Sundays now.


  1. Great pics - I should carry my camera on me more often :)

  2. Impromptu rides often turn out to be the best rides. My recent sojourn on my ice bike was like that. Turned a 3 mile check out the ride bike into a 2 hour extravaganza.

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