Sunday, March 16, 2008

The New Bike

The "kid" got himself a new (used) bike on Friday. Naturally he was itching to go riding. The weather prevented that both Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday's forecast was chancy. It was also the day of the New Bedford Half Marathon. That race is used as a tune up by many world class runners, for the Boston Marathon. Because of the event, the impending nasty weather was dominating the local news.

We figured we had till noontime to get in a ride before the gale forced winds, rain and snow that was predicted hit the area. We put a set of egg beater pedals on the "Felt" and the kid was about to get his first lesson using clipless pedals. "I can't clip in" he said. That was odd because most new riders clip in ok but cannont clip out. It soon dawned on us the he had "SPD" cleats that would never work. He ended up riding on flats till he gets the proper set of clips.

We set out to ride the 20 something mile country route. Nice and flat at the outset that soon turned into moderate long climbs. We found a pretty nice spot to stop for lunch before riding "Lance's hill". That is a steep 1/2 mile long climb that makes lots of novice riders dismount and walk. I suggested a slow climb and before I finished the sentance he was off. Up and over with no problem.

Lunch at the estuary

Ole Blue and Ole Yeller resting

Water and smoke break

Mount up.


  1. That looks like a fun ride. Nice job working lunch into the ride, did you bring it with you or pick it up somewhere?

    How about your new bike? Did you ride it?

  2. Hey, I meant *your* new bike, the Novara Randonee (right?)

  3. Oh that looked like so much fun! Brandon must be thrilled.


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