Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The commute is five miles. The route is the same till there is more morning daylight, and I am able to get out of bed at 5AM. It's 20-25 minutes each way on low traffic roads. In short, the bike ride is boring, just as the ride in the car would be.

The weekend is approaching and I am not on the work schedule. There are a couple of ride possibilities if the weather cooperates. That will go a long way in helping to break the daily bike routine.

Ho hum

The Mayflower left town today. Back to Plymouth and the tourists. We visit Plymouth occasionally and usually do a drive through of the tourist area. It's ok but very old hat.


  1. A boring ride on a bike beats a boring ride in a car every time.

  2. I'm with Mr Macrum. I'm dying to get some real miles in too, though ... Soon!

  3. I take it that the ship in the photo is not on your daily route.

  4. My commute is about 7 miles and at this time of year I pretty much stick to the trails since cars aren't really looking for bikes in the snow, not that they are that great about it the rest of the year but I feel safer on the trail. It does get a bit boring but when the snow's gone lots of options open up. None of them have the harbor view in this post...