Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fairhaven's Annual Fathers Day Road Race

 First and second place runners

As always,click photo for big,  again for bigger.

The first two runners were a good five minutes in front of the rest of the field.  These guys were impressive and when a friend ran by me I mentioned that he still had a chance.  "The leaders are no more than thirty minutes ahead", I said.

 Last year my neighbor Taylor had a miserable race, finishing back in the top third of the field.  This time he was ready and took 4th place.   The remarkable thing is that he just completed his junior year of high school.

The field was represented, as in all events like this, by runners of all ages, sizes and shapes.


The Sole Sister were well represented by my neighbor Alexa and her friend Haley both of whom are my car washing neighbors.  Two bucks for a pretty darn good car wash. Not a bad summer job for a couple of young entrepreneurs.
Shapes were well represented.  Be sure to click this photo for big.  

What is any event without the cool kids on bikes. 

Here ya go.  Click this one.

On the way back from the race I was riding the MUP and heard a bike approaching fast.  Howyadoin? was muttered as he passed.  He was really pushing, then I could see him start to fade.  My guess is that his chase urged kicked in when he saw me ahead of him and apparently he used everything up to pass.  He seemed to be the typical older "new" rider. Mid 50's, a nice hybrid bike, yet wearing a racing kit and a helmet.

If you think over 40 and spandex is unappealing, try pot bellied and over 50 wearing said spandex, racing along a bike path at 12 MPH.  As the kids say, ewwww!   Anyhow, without changing my speed, I began to gain on him and as we approached an incline on the path he glanced back and saw me only a few dozen yards behind.   I think it may have demoralized him and he did pull up to tighten the strap on his clipless shoe.   "How YOU doin' " I said as I rode past.

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