Sunday, June 12, 2011


Boulder, Colorado

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The plan was to ride a couple of hours and spend some time at the town pool to cool off. On the way the call of the new bike park was to great to pass up. We did a couple of easy runs before continuing to the pool.

We only got a few miles when that kaboom happened. My rear tire had a blow out that was so severe, it tore the tire apart.  We did the only natural thing, call Ma for a ride and have a couple of beers.

Call Ma.

We walked to an outdoor brewery that was dog friendly and ordered chicken wings and beer

Here comes the beer now
The tire


  1. Do you know about temporarily fixing a blowout with a dollar bill (or duct tape or similar material)? Good trick to know:
    Although, maybe not as fun as the getting beers method.

  2. Hate the blow outs. My brother recently began commuting (I'm so proud of him for taking his big sisters lead). He had a blow out on his way to work, due to over-inflating...I thought perhaps that would ruin it for him. However, he continues to ride :)