Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Before I Get Deleted

This blog is based on bike rides with a smattering of other stuff on off riding days. My commute is the same eleven miles every day. At six in the morning, not much is going on that is different from every other day. The birds are at full decible screaming for food and playing around. The only noise on the road is a set of bicycle tires. Riding the same road at five in the evening requires a good bit of concentration and road awareness that does not allow the "smell the roses" type of riding. In short, this entry is just to keep whatever friends I have from deleting me for not posting.

Stay tuned for the Friday ride in Westport Ma. Two of us plan that one for Friday afternoon.

Then the big weekend in NYC for the Five Boroughs Event.


  1. And I was just about to hit that delete button. Man are you lucky.

    I worry about friends deleting me for actually posting.

  2. the morning half of the ride sounds nice - meditative...

  3. Any foodie will tell you the secret of NY Pizza is the water used in the pizza dough.....the water does the same magic for donuts as well:-)

    I've made pizza dough using NYC tap water and there is a difference in how the dough behaves when you are mixing it and machining it.

  4. There is nothing like that Westport ride. It's probably my favorite. I look forward to looking around your blog and maybe finding other suggestions.


  5. Lived in NB for a couple of years; wish I had read your blog then. Have since moved back to Colorado and am loving the mountain biking. Miss that ocean, though. Thanks - good memories!

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