Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Ride

We left the house at 8AM for a Sunday ride in Myles Standish State Forrest near Plymouth Ma. It was a crisp 40 degrees for most of the morning and we rode around to check out sites for a couple of S24O's (Sub 24 hour overnights), we have planned for this summer. Here are some photos of the days ride.

Old road to Plymouth, Ma.

Cabin nestled in the forrest

Digging out the water bottle

Memories. (Plymouth Ma. Correctional Facility

Checking directions

The state cut backs affected the forest tremendously. The new governor has increased the budget by a few million as a beginning to the restoration of public use facilities. Some of the ponds that have been closed to camping and day beach use are being cleaned up and will be reopened.

Lunch at College Pond

Like planes and ships there are also graveyards for picnic tables. Betcha didn't know that.

We came across a little tyke on his first dirt bike ride with dad. In typical new driver fashion, he got lots of neck exercise with the throttle work. vroom, coast, vroom, coast, vrooom, coast.

Dwarfed by the trees


  1. Sigh. I wish I had time for rides like yours. Love the pics.

  2. Great photos -- that sure is a beautiful area for riding, and it looks like it'll be great for S24Os as well. I like all the pine trees.

  3. Looks like a nice ride! I wish we had trees like that here...but I don't want the cold! PS - trail mix and beef jerky is not lunch :)

  4. Those are some great looking trails. I'm envious.

  5. Love the pics! Looks like a nice ride.

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