Thursday, July 4, 2013

20+46 On A Hot 4th Of July

Brandon in black short and no shirt crossing the finish line. 
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The first 20 miles was a ride to Mattapoisett to watch Brandon run the annual road race.  He along with most runners felt the heat and the times were way off. (slow).   While there, David called and offered a ride to the canal which I accepted.  Sixty six miles for the day.

The humidity was high and the sun was blaring which made for a challenging 46 miles.   We met a 89 year old guy at the RR bridge at the head of the canal and struck up a conversation.  The ice breakers were jokes as is often common with us senior citizens.  We never got to exchange names, but he was nice to talk with.

The ride from Fairhaven, Ma to the canal was pretty quick with only two stops. One for sunscreen, which I forgot to put on and pack.  The other stop was to refill our water bottles.  The return ride was another story. Looking back I count seven stops.  It was like being on tour where you know you have to get somewhere and there is no way around it.  It's when you don't feel like riding and you wonder if you can make it.  That's the time when you put your head down and just act like a piston.  It's a time when your glad your done but also glad you did it.  That's what bike riding does to us sometimes, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

We made really good time riding to the canal.  The return was a whole nuther story

Onset Ma. beach

RR Bridge crossing the canal in Buzzards Bay. 

Only 18 miles to go. 

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  1. John, that was a lot of miles in that heat. Great job.