Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Afternoon Swansea Bike Works Route. Sort Of.

Ready?   Vamanos 

We were supposed to follow the orange arrows for a nice 52 mile bike through the country roads of Southeastern Mass.   The ride was supposed to take us to Assonet and Freetown but we ended up in Barrington R.I. Somehow, and even more amazing we managed to finagle our way back onto the route and end up where we started.

We have taken wrong turns before on some of our other rides but never have we been this far off.  Not even in the same state forcryingoutloud.  The arrows that marked the route were faded and to compound the problem there were arrows by the same club for different routes.  Our arrows were originally orange the the other route was originally red.  After a few weeks in the sun, both the orange and red looked kind of yellowish.   The main thing is that we got a nice ride in and we both had a pretty good time.

Ho, ho ho

Riding the farmlands of Swansea. At least it was the US Swansea and not the UK. 

Do you see the arrow in the road.  Is it orange, red or yellow?

When we passed by this house I said it looked haunted.  Brandon commented that if they fixed it up some the ghosts would move out.

I have done this route before and nothing in the past 10 miles looks at all familiar. 

Barrington effing Rhode Island.  How the heck did we get here? 

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  1. Looked like a beautiful ride John! Heather thought you were going to the makeshift dog park near the bathrooms at Fort Phoenix the other day when we seen you with the dogs and wife...We went over there to meet you but did not see you...