Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sixty Miles and Seven Towns.

Brandon making sandwiches for the ride.

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I was the ride leader today and decided to take my peeps to Taunton, MA.  It's where I worked for ten years and often commuted the full 32 miles home.   Mostly it was a 30 mile drive to the mall and ten mile ride through the city to the office.

The day a was mild and sunny bike riding day.   We took the back roads to the Galleria Mall in Taunton and that's where I lead the group on my ten mile bike route through the city.   We visited the old Reed and Barton Sterling Silver Flatware mill and the old Taunton State Hospital grounds.   Our original destination and reason for this route was to visit our favorite cycle place, Travis Bike shop .  All of us have purchased our road bikes there.  

We were out for around five and a half hours with just under four hours of pedaling.  The rest included lunch, coffee and ice cream breaks. 
Riding along side the Lake St. Lake in Acushnet, MA

Cranberry bog in Rochester, MA

Old Yankee Towns.  Taunton, above and Berkley, below. 

Reed and Barton Silver Smith plant in Taunton Ma. 

We visited a local Dunkin Donut shop and rode with hot coffee in hand to the Court House district for lunch. 

The return leg took us away from the city streets and secondary road to the rural back road which are much quieter and offer a completely different type of riding.  Lots of great views and sights, but also lots of hills.  We stopped at a local grass runway airport which has some really unique small planes.  
Kayaking the Taunton River

Brandon Showing off his tats. 

And of course,  the Dave

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