Saturday, May 26, 2012

Group Ride

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The South Coast Bikeway group held a 27 mile ride around the Somerset area today.  Nineteen rider began the trek which included stops and talk by a local historian Al Lima.  The ride was a mix of suburban, rural and city riding, a mix that made for a really neat ride.   The hills during the last 10 miles got lots of grunts and groans from some of the novice riders, but to others,  the hills were our friend.

The ride began in Somerset with a couple of stops to hear Al's lecture on 19th centure transportation including stage coach and rail.  Al also told of the boat building in the area where many a schooner was launched.

Dighton was the next destination and the beginning of the hills.   Some loved them, some hated them. There was no sound of music which is a tell tale sign of the amount of anti hill people.  More huffing and puffing than singing.

Dighton did offer a unique bridge that allows only one lane of traffic that must be shared by vehicles traveling in either direction.   Bikers and walkers have their own path naturally.   For ambiance and scenery, Dighton was the best part of the ride.  There was a country aroma in the air.  It one that anyone would recognize immediately if one had ever lived in this type of setting.

Entrance to Dighton Bridge

Bridge bike lane

Looking back to the bridge after crossing.


Wonderful country scenery in Dighton, MA.

The last leg brings the riders to the city of Fall River.  AKA the city of hills.  I won't interfere with the readers imagination picturing riding a bike in a place called the city of hills.  There are also many reminders of the city's heyday as a textile giant.

I love the smell of fresh pavement in the morning. 

Can you see the hill? 

Urban riding.

 Textile mills

The final frontier.  The bike path that takes us over the Taunton River back to Somerset, MA.

The final push over the bride and the conclusion of a really nice 27 mile bike ride.

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