Sunday, August 25, 2013

Island Park

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25 miles today.

It was day 2 riding with the Newport group.  Seven of us gathered at Island Park in Portsmouth, R.I. so we could begin and end the ride by traversing the new Sakonett River Bridge.  The one with the ten cent toll.

Again I forgot to turn off my bike GPS before driving home, so the recording on that device is useless.  I did track the route on Map My Ride that doesn't give any stats beyond the mileage.  There are a couple of short hills that get a little steep, but actually they are really nothing more than "false flats" as some of the hammerheads like to say.

Those who had never ridden this route or area before were oohing and ahhing a lot.  It's one of my favorite routes and maybe the photos will do it justice.

What better way to start a day riding. 

Paddle boarding on the Sakonett River

Lucy dipper her feet

The old bridge.

Crossing the Sakonnet bride on the new bikeway

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