Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Afternoon Spin

Garmin Route is HERE
Moving Time:1:37:46
Elapsed Time:3:23:31
Avg Speed:5.8 mph
Avg Moving Speed:12.2 mph
Max Speed:25.6 mph

An easy 20 mile ride on a regular route of the surrounding towns.   We left a bit after 4PM and had a pretty good traffic free ride.

The Narragansett Bay Wheelmen are doing their weekly ride in the surrounding towns on Sunday.  It's a nice marked route that I will take advantage of Saturday.  I may even ride the same day as the wheelmen but leave an hour earlier than their planned time.  I can bike to the start and by going early I won't have to borrow a helmet. (They require helmets)

My other option is to ride with the Newport R.I. gang.  They are planning a 25 miler but it's a 45 minute drive.  Decisions, decisions.

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