Saturday, August 24, 2013

More Secret Places

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24 miles around Newport and Middletown, R.I.

Moving Time:2:02:39
Elapsed Time:3:03:33
Avg Speed:7.9 mph
Avg Moving Speed:11.8 mph
Max Speed:25.9 mph
The Route is HERE

As I have written before here.  When you for a ride with someone local to the area, they usually show you their secret places.  Today was Newport R.I.   Two locals and myself were the only riders to show for the 9 AM start.

I have biked in Newport a few times but right from the get go this one was different.  We didn't ride on busy Thames St. but began our ride on Bellevue Ave, where the Tennis Hall of Fame and some of the famous mansions sit. In the reverse direction no less.   The ride took us to some places that were familiar and pretty, but we routed around the roads that I found not so nice to ride in the past.

Fort Adams.  Home of the Newport Folk and Jazz festivals

Small mansion on Ocean Drive

One the secret places part of the ride the locals took me to see a windmill, a one room school house built in 1875 and a bunch of other nook and cranny shortcuts that avoid the high traffic areas.   We ended the ride at a nice little coffee shop that is hidden right out in the open.  I have gone by this place dozens of times and never knew it was there.  I even got myself a Portuguese sweet bread muffin, toasted with buttah.

What better sight while riding a bike. 

One room school house circa 1875

One of the secret places near 3rd Beach in Newport, R.I. 

Mmmmm.  Portuguese sweet bread muffin. 

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