Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Afternoon Ride

I was determined to get some miles done today with the initial plan of a 34 mile ride to lunch in Wareham, MA.   Lo and behold, I didn't leave the house till 3PM and decided on the ole standby, the 20 mile Rochester MA loop.   This one takes me to the Rochester golf course where I usually ride up to see if I know anyone golfing.   Before I had a chance to look around the window of the office opened and I heard, "" SIR,  YOU NEED TO REMOVE YOUR BIKE FROM THE PATIO".   Sheesh.

I moved the Garmin from the touring bike to the roadie.  Riding around here is really flat. Today's 20 mile ride had 300 ft  of elevation whereas last week on tour the daily gain was around 3000 ft.

Today's ride is HERE

A typical day riding around Lake Champlain is HERE

Tomorrow I may be joining the Fall River Bike gang on their ride on the East Bay Bike Trail in Rhode Island.  If I can get up on time that is.   Well see.

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