Thursday, August 29, 2013

350 Massachusetts

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350 Massachusetts

A large contingent of this group came through town today and stopped for lunch at the Fairhaven Activity Center.  They were greeted by Friends of Fairhaven Wind and everyone was invited to have lunch with them.  The discussion soon enough turned to the turbines and all of them were miffed that there was opposition to the turbines.  

There were originally scheduled to walk the rest of the day on busy US Rt 6 to Marion.  I offered to guide them to the end of the bike path at Reservation Golf Course to give them a reprise from the heavy traffic and show them some of my secret places.  It was a take on how local riders had done that for me and other when we came to their area. 

We walked on the Phoenix Path in Fairhaven, crossed into Mattapoisett and continued to Camp Massasoit.  From there they had to walk Reservation Road which is a road that splits the golf course.  There is one tee that requires the golfer to hit his drive over the road to the fairway on the other side. The road cuts the fairway on an angle so it's not a cut and dry "hit it over the road" kind of shot.  Many a drive has landed on the uneven pavement and where the ball bounces is anyone's guess.   Cars, buses, bikers and walkers often have to traverse the gauntlet of errant golf shots to get through this route.

This was a great group of environmental people who are doing their share to help save our planet.  Good on them. 

Friends of Fairhaven wind talking in support of 350

Lunch at the Fairhaven Activity Center

Medical care was provided for the walkers.

Bocci to help pass the time

Fairhaven-ites joined the group for a bit. 

The guide for the day


  1. What and where is the Fairhaven Activity Center?

  2. Everyone in Fairhaven knows where the activity center is located, but it's a moot subject now. The walkers are gone.