Saturday, August 3, 2013

East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island.

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Moving Time:1:48:11
Elapsed Time:2:01:46
Avg Speed:12.2 mph
Avg Moving Speed:13.7 mph
Max Speed:19.9 mph

Phonetically it's said like "Row Die' Lin".   I was going to meet with the Fall River group but things got backed up at home forcing me into a late start.   I did see them twice when we passed going opposite directions.   The first time was at a point that is made little sense for me to turn and join them because we were parked at opposite ends of the trail.

I rode most if it by myself with the exception of  three miles or so with a guy on a mountain bike.  We chatted about football, (he was from Portugal), mostly the English and German teams.  We both agreed that we were not big fans of MLS.

This was a 25 miles early morning flat route that allows bikers to maintain a reasonable speed.  I began at 7:40 because a couple of hours later there would be too many people on the path, changing it from bike friendly to pedestrian friendly.

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