Sunday, August 4, 2013

Early Sunday Morning Urban Ride.

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Moving Time:2:22:35
Elapsed Time:3:29:15
Avg Speed:8.0 mph
Avg Moving Speed:11.7 mph
Max Speed:28.2 mph

 I was up early and after taking the dogs for their walk I decided go into the city to do some urban riding knowing that the traffic would be very lite.  I went by Brandon's house for a coffee only to find his truck missing.  He had already left for his pool boy Sunday job in Dartmouth.    What the heck, it was nice, the sun was shining, the traffic was non existent as was the wind. So it was off to Dartmouth but not before a visit to see the elephants.

New Bedford still has a zoo, or as we call it Gitmo New Bedford.  They imprison quite a variety of animals who just kind of lay around and eat all day.  I made short work of riding through the park and made my way out of there lickety split.

On the ride I did notice that the churches have pretty empty lots on Sunday mornings.  The religious people are aging out as witnessed by how many churches are closing around here.  A couple of the smaller ones have been converted into pretty nice homes.

One of the zoo elephants.  This could be Emily

Near empty church parking lot.  Everyone leaving the service was well into their 70's. 

Ice cream at Padanaram Beach

Brandon's Sunday work

Hurricane Barrier protection the closed mill, in the background,from tidal surges. 

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  1. Looks like a nice tranquil ride. Those are the best. They always recharge me.