Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fall River Bike Gang Rides Westport, MA.

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The Garmin stats are HERE 

All the photos of the ride are HERE

Distance:28.38 mi
Moving Time:2:07:00
Elapsed Time:2:27:48
Avg Speed:11.5 mph
Avg Moving Speed:13.4 mph
Max Speed:25.7 mph

Eight people rode on this overcast and muggy  Fall River Bike Committee sponsored ride through the south coastal Massachusetts town of Westport.  Much of the ride is on relatively busy rural roads where most drivers have no problem sharing the road.  I say most because Wesport is also the most likely town to have a confrontation with cagers.   I had two today where I got work on my swearing and throwing the middle finger skills.  There was also a farmer in his black pickup truck who passed our group three different times just so he could harass them.  He finally gave up when no one responded to him.  Obviously, I was not in that group because he would have gotten a response.  Brian, who also didn't experience the redneck driver would have cut loose on him  no doubt. 

Four of us cut loose on the return leg of the ride and hammered back to the starting lot.  It felt pretty good to ride with some oomph for a change.  



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