Sunday, September 2, 2012

Elephant Beach.

Distance 49.2 Miles
Max speed  32 MPH
Ave speed   12.6 MPH
Total Pedal time   3:53
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We decided to take Deke on one of our favorite rides.   A place called Elephant Rock on the border of Westport Ma.  and Little Compton R.I.    Yesterday a carcass of a great white shark washed up and that drew quite a crowd from the surrounding area once the word got out.   Those who arrived at the beach today to see the shark were disappointed because it was taken away late yesterday afternoon for study. 

I have been using Map My Ride and always go through two batteries in my smart phone.  Today I learned, (too late naturally) that if I put the phone in the sleep mode the app will use very little battery and still map my ride.   I had to go to the web sight and do it manually and consequently lost all the extra fun data it records.  

There were dozens of riders out on the roads today because of the weather.  Our group all agreed that today was the best of the year.  Not only the weather but the route too.  

The engineering marvel taking shape

Our plan was to ride out to Horseneck Beach.   We decided to take a side trip to Elephant Rock before back tracking to the beach.  It was much further than I remembered and because of the time we used that section as our turn around point.  

We had to do a couple of longish climbs to get there one being Hix Bridge Rd.  Its one of those climbs that when approaching you can see the whole thing and the anticipation is much worse than the actual ride up the thing.   We all got to the top winded but otherwise it was fine.  It was tough but we all had done worse climbs.

Hix Bridge Rd.   Westport Ma. 

After the long climb.  Your number one. 

When we got to the turn off to Acoaxet area we came upon a fork in the road.  I used to work and drive the area and always took the right going to the beach area and came back using the other fork choice.  I had forgotten how much of a climb it was.   This was a route on a recent bike club ride and who ever arrowed the route took the time to paint,  "your almost there" on the road to give the riders a bit of comic relief from this never ending climb.  Again it wasn't that steep but it was long.

When we got to the beach area all we saw were private property and members only signs everywhere.  Both Brandon and Deke got a little antsy when I pulled over and stuck my bike into the bike rack of the very private Elephant Rock Beach Club.   We ate our brown bag sandwiches at the edge of the club entrance standing on the side of the road.    Some guy who was obviously a big shot or manager kept a real close eye on us and we though out loud to each other that he was ready to stop us from using any of the members only facility.   I walked up and asked if I could fill the water bottles and he said my name out loud.  The manager was a high school friend and someone with whom I played semi pro soccer many years ago.  We shook hands he directed me to the bubbler.  Water dispenser for all of you not from this part of the country.  Also the senior lifeguard used to live across the street from me and was a good friend of Brandon.

I walked around like I owned the place, Brandon wouldn't step on the property and Deke asked anyone he saw for permission before he did anything.  " Can I come up and look at the beach?   Can I use the men's room".  Stuff like that.   I gave him the standard tip on stuff like this saying,  "if you ask, they have a chance to say no.  Don't ask, just do it"

The Adams Family look alike home. 

The last set price was 32.9 cents/gallon  I figure around 1973


This got every one's attention

We were all getting hungry and knew of the oldest general store in the US.  Unfortunately the place closed recently.   Fortunately a coffee shop opened up right next door and we all had a really good cup of joe and a homemade snack.  Our last stop was close to home for some really good home made ice cream.  Well I had home made ice cream.  Brandon and Dave had the soft serve whipped up stuff.  It was good but nothing like a just made come of frozen pudding. (The old persons ice cream flavor). 

The oldest general store in the US.  Sadly it closed two years ago. 

Local Hay is at a premium being sold and shipped out west. 

Buzzards Bay gaggle of geese


  1. Oh man, what time were you guys out there today? I road the same roads in Westport and Little Compton for my first real ride in about a year. Wish I would have ran into you guys. By the way, Gray's Ice cream in Tiverton has some of the best Frozen Pudding Ice Cream, I am told :>)


  2. We left Fairhaven at 10AM and rode till 2PM.

  3. I hate climbing Hixbridge! It was a beautiful day to ride.

  4. These weekend rides always look like so much fun. I really enjoy all the old buildings and establishments and what appear to be great roads for riding. I'm going to have to do a better job of documenting my brunch rides to share with you all.