Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shark Warning

Distance 14.6 miles
Purpose.   To the beach.

Sue and I had just agreed to ride to the beach when the phone rang. It was an automated emergency call from the town.   This was was warning of a shark sighting.  It was and unconfirmed shark sighting which to me translates into no one really saw a shark but they saw something and said it's a shark.    My educated guess is that it was a large clump of seaweed that is predominant when the tide changes.  The seaweed can amass into a very large shark like clump.  It happens all the time.

It's just about 5 miles to the causeway road and another mile and a half to the beach.  When we got there I sat around for a while before deciding it was too nice not to take a dip.  Once I went in and was not eaten by a great white shark other followed.    I felt like the guy who starts a fight in a bar then crawl out and leaves.

View from head of causeway

Boats for sale

Hoppy's Landing  Fairhaven, MA. 

Sue riding the causway to West Island

West Island

Entrance to Fairhaven Town Beach

A short distance from the parking lot

Wa La!  Town beach and no shark to be seen for miles. 

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