Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Turning Into My Cat

The doctor said "you need to loose weight. Can you drop twenty pounds in three months?" His concern was that the holidays would make things worse.
That's not my cat above, however, the size is pretty close.

The morning was crisp and still for the work commute this holiday. The traffic was not much lighter than normal work days. Many companies, because this is a Tuesday holiday, offered the day after Thanksgiving as a replacement. The thermometer showed a cool 37F at the start of the shortened (5 mile)commute. The sun soon began to warm things a tad which made the ride not bad at all. There are a couple of ways to add a mile or two to the commute, but still stay within the "winter" boundaries that will allow both ends of the commute to be done in daylight.

The moon is waxing and the Full Wolf Moon will be upon us Thursday. Time for a night something or other. A ride? Maybe,... how about a Letterbox hunt? Could happen. We'll work something out.


  1. We have a cat who at last weigh in tipped the scales at 20 pounds 3 ounces. His name is Buster and he can hear a can of food being ripped open from a mile away. I think he is bigger than the white cat pictured.

    I gave up trying to lose weight before winter. My goal now is to not gain any more. Come the New year, my goal will change to not wanting to gain more than another 10 pounds. I have found that being flexible about goals is one way to keep sane.

    I thought I had commented on your last Letterboxing post. Because of your post, I checked into it and found two locations in the small nature preserve just across the road from me. There are some more down in Sanford I plan to find and put my stamp in.

  2. that's a big damn cat. But, hey, cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do.

    as for weight struggles, i don't want to depress myself tonight, so no comments there. i've enjoyed the caching entries. interesting stuff.

  3. Don't lose more than one pound per week (average). Otherwise your body will think there's a famine and will go into "put on some fat reserves" mode. Really.

  4. OT: Thanks for the comments back at my site. You seem to bike a hell of a lot.

    I think snakebite has made a good recommendation. I went to the States for six weeks, got myself fattened up by some 9 pounds and, even though I lost it through exercise and a moderate intake of calories over the next six weeks back in Japan, I still have three extra centimeters of rubber around the mid-section. And that is true despite the fact that all my tone and body fat numbers were back to normal. So, I can only imagine that the "put on some fat reserves" mode must have been operative in my case. I guess I will just have to let time have its say and keep up the exercise.