Thursday, September 24, 2009

Riding With The Stoners

Last night I got everything ready to commute this morning. A couple of the neighborhood 20 somethings saw my garage open and approached with an offer to go riding. It was eight pm and dark as all get out. Naturally, I agreed.

On this night I chose the touring bike, the Novara Randonee. Naturally it's the one with the Monkeylectric lights.

As soon as we left I noticed I had to keep a good eye on one of our group. He was all over the MUP and I really thought he was going to ride off the path a few times. A couple of miles into the ride we stopped and they lit up a joint. "Home grown stuff", said Jason. "Want some?"

"Nah, I'm good".

I only said that because I don't know if I would be able to ride after. I'm thinking it would be like eating McDonnald's food and make me too sluggish. Steve's riding became more eratic as expected I guess.

We did a little under 20 miles and a lot of it was hammering. There is something about riding at night that make some of us want to ride faster, and we also rode a lot longer and further than we intended, pulling back up to my garage around 10ish.

It was after 11pm when I finally got settled and consequently today's commute was scratched. Tonight however is expected to be a great riding night. We may just do it again. A little less under the influence I hope.

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  1. Night riding with the Stoners. Excellent. Reminds me of the night rides I very occaisionally joined in on back in the 1990s. A group of local wild men would strap, pocket, or otherwise attach in some manner as many beers as they could to themselves and/or to their bikes. Everyone would head into the woods outside town. Find a good spot, build a fire, swill beer and tell tall tales until we either ran out of beer or the cops found us and chased us out of there. Good times. I learned that I did not like riding under the influence.

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