Wednesday, November 18, 2009

White grass=frost

Living so close to the water in Fairhaven Ma. there is an ocean effect that keeps us cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It was 43F pulling out of the driveway, and as the 30 mile commute inland progressed the temperature kept dropping. While packing for the final few miles at the Park and Ride in Taunton the drop in temps to 32F became very noticable.

Seeing all the cars with frosted windows during the commute brough on a chuckle. A tee shirt under a long sleved riding shirt under a wool sweater were fine, as long as the head and face were covered.

Traffic is always light for the am commute. Evenings can get busy but most of the route is out of traffic. When the ride merges into the commuters it's dog eat dog.
Keep the head and face covered

Racing dusk on the evening commute

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  1. I rather enjoy the chilly commutes. I have a neighbor whose car sits running in their driveway most morning when it's below 35 degrees and I always chuckle since I'm plenty toasty and will be stripping off a layer in a few miles.