Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shame On Fairhaven, MA

It's been over a month and the MUP has still not been maintained. It's use is designated as the town's alternate transportation route. Letters have been written, complaints have been aired and not even a response from the town BPW.

As things are now, those who need to get across town have to walk on the very busy and very fast, interstate Rt 6, where there is no shoulder or sidewalks. A disaster waiting for the right moment.

The Mayflower is also in town for repairs. The two shipyards in town bring in some very big and sometimes very famous boats.

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  1. Question: What does MUP stands for?

    My mother (who has to work), has been saying wonderful things about the snow clean up here in my part of MA. She says the streets are clean and safe, right after the snow storms we have been having. On the other hand, there is so much snow, that people have to walk on the streets because the sidewalks are either not clean, or where all the snow is being accumulated. The bike paths are non-existence.