Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday Night Ride

We left my house around 5:45 PM and it was already getting dark.   We had to turn our lights on 20 minutes into the ride on this cloudy evening.   Three of us rode a 25 mile loop covering four towns.  Fairhaven,  Acushnet,  Rochester and Mattapoisett.  It's one of the standard weekday night rides but not usually done in the dark.  For me, riding at night is very cool.

For obvious reasons there are not photos. CLICK HERE for the route.


  1. What's both funny and lame is that I get motion sickness pretty easily, and some of the swoopy turns on the video did just that. Not sickness, just recognition of pre-sickness. Cool feature, though. And good for you for being out.

    Watch the Classico?

  2. I love riding in the dark too. Just me and the road.